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Approach and/or methodology and/or innovative practice Economical sector process Why is interesting Organization/Company name Project Country Image
Artificial reef to enhance the restoration of the disturbed ecological balance in the Black Sea Fish farming management
 The company offer to the food industry environmentally friendly cultivated sea products for high-grade organic healthy food from a Black sea via innovative approaches.
 They provide of more productive and more efficient aquaculture of sea species based on development and introduction of new technological solutions;
 Design and development of new technologies aimed at closing the food chain in the Black Sea and other salty basins with similar issues, and at fishery enhancement;
 Profit achievement and increase for further research and conquest of new marine territories.
 Certification of integrated HACCP + ISO 9001 system.
 Diversification of aquaculture species and new species introduction for aquaculture;
Sea Harmony Ltd.
Design and Manufacturing of Optical Devices and Systems Public administration and defense compulsory social Optics Ltd. is an excellent example to follow for SMEs, which have focused their activities in the development of optical devices and systems due to the extremely high achievements in optical technology, precision mechanics and overall system integration. The contemporary design, ergonomics and high technical characteristics of the products are comparable to the best world samples and excite a well-founded interest of the leading companies in the optical, medical and defense industries. OPTIX Co is the only company in Bulgaria, which develops and manufactures a full range of special optical devices and systems for the army and police forces, also wins numerous competitions for production and delivery of high technological mobile surveillance and security systems for patrol of the National border of Bulgaria.
The company has a number of advantages that SMEs could take an example:
- applying high quality standards;
- constant improvement of the existing technologies and implementation of new high-tech achievements;
- expansion of the technological potential of the company and increasing the share of assembly-related activities;
- a constant strive to improve the professional competence of the personnel on all levels;
- Improvements in the measuring devices, laboratory equipment and their capacity.
Optix Ltd.
Introducing of hi-tech security technologies Public administration and defense compulsory social R&D
ICT/Technical support
The innovation can be replicated by the SMEs operating in the field of the security technologies. KEIT Ltd. is interesting for SMEs because is the owner of patented technology with a broad range of applications, among which the marking of motor vehicles against theft, for which only in Bulgaria the number of marked vehicles is more than half a million. KEIT Ltd. is a leader market in the field of the security technologies more than fifteen years as a member of international associations and participant in international exhibitions worldwide with golden medals for its products.The firm meets the highest demands of its customers and maintains consistently high quality of its products. KEIT Ltd.
Innovative series MPS specialized robots for automation of foundry machines Processing industry production
ICT/Technical support
Interesting for SME are main accents of company activities that contribute for its success due to establishment of creative and innovative environment:
- Invested and maintains in R & D Unit within the company;
- Cooperate closely with faculty and students of leading universities in the country: the Academy of Sciences and the Technical University - Sofia ;
- Have 8 patented inventions for the period 2005-2011 , embedded in the company's production program;
- Use the most modern methods of 3D - design and CAM systems; member of the Cluster Mechatronics and Automation;
- Has excellent facilities - 4,000 m2 floor area (production and assembly plants), including 800 square meters engineering office;
- Participation in specialized international exhibitions.
Spesima Ltd.
- Cluster initiatives of organic producers - Networking in a structured chain of production (creating new value) according eco-standards, especially “no waste“ method - Knowledge and skills are the basic capital of clusters Agrucultur hunting and forestry distribution
human resources
supply chain relationship
eco-system relationship
- Organic production is attractive on all market levels; in creative way there are no saturation; environmental standards are good prerequisite for sustainability and sustainable development;
- Cluster is based on cooperation, partnership, risk sharing, exchange of knowledge and experience, joint development; whole organization supports the development of each its parts
- Cooperation with the scientific community (available new knowledge and practices)
Ecorural Net Croatia
Project orientated support institution for entrepreneurs in the County Other community social and personal services management
ICT/Technical support
- Use of EU funds to provide new services and strengthen truism with new cultural products.
- Is good example of cooperation between institutions and private manufacturers?
- New products increased levels of products offered in tourism and increase volume of tourism in County.
- Practice create opportunity for manufacturers to create new products and strengthen their capacity for production
VIDRA Croatia
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