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Bim Building Services: How BIM Is Changing Processes
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If you want to implement your construction project using Building Information Modeling (BIM), you need to adapt the cherished business and project processes. What to consider and how it works.

In short: This is

Building Information Modeling . With Building Information Modeling, you build twice, first digitally and then real. Already at the planning stage, all the specialists involved in the project work on the same 3D building model, which contains all the necessary information. With collision checks, errors can be detected early and avoided during implementation. In addition, the model contains important data for more efficient operation after completion and for object management.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) has been on everyone's lips for years. Especially in large-scale projects, it is considered the new miracle cure for exploding prices and delays.

At the end of June 2019, the federal government initiated the creation of a national BIM competence center to optimize the digitalization of the construction industry. “There is great potential for expanding digital infrastructure to accelerate planning and construction processes. The digital building file, for example, enables better collaboration between everyone involved in the construction process, from planning to building acceptance, ”explained Dr. Andreas Mattner , President of the ZIA Central Committee for Real Estate, a leading association in the real estate industry and founding partner of Plan- build 4.0. The company should manage the BIM Competence Center in the future.

“Further development of BIM avoids multiple involvement of planners, makes workflows more efficient and improves the quality of planning and execution. The potential that this creates to relieve stress in cities and metropolitan areas must be harnessed throughout the value chain — planning, building and operating , ”continued Mattner .

BIM Challenges: Roles need to be redefined
Once the goals are clearly defined, personal issues can be clarified. It's not just about hiring new employees or bringing in additional ones. Rather, it is important to build up BIM know-how, define responsibilities, and reallocate roles. Those involved in a project - builders, architects or designers - must invest financial resources and, above all, time to train employees, offer them seminars and practice BIM knowledge based on pilot projects. This problem is much more difficult for everyone than the problem of technical equipment.

There are no standards for bim building services . Despite the rapid development of this method - or perhaps because of this - there is still no national BIM standard in Germany. Thus, there is no framework that not only offers a uniform definition of methodology, but also accurately describes the responsibilities and functionality of BIM, both in planning and in the business process.

Without such a standard, BIM lacks organized or certified training. In the English-speaking region, there are still few vendors such as or training courses that offer training or further education in Building Information Modeling. For comparison, the development of and training in BIM for France is much more advanced. This fact makes it difficult to regulate the new processes and procedures generated by the BIM application. At this stage, guidance or guidance from various interest groups and working groups provides a vehicle that at least captures terminology, a uniform understanding of the roles and core principles of the method.
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