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Compare and Contrast Essays

Compare and Contrast Essay is like the five-paragraph essay in which you compare and contrast two essay topics. A comparison shows how two things are different. It's necessary to generate a list of similarities and differences in comparison paper, decide which of them to focus on, and structure your comparison essay in clear and effective format. You should develop thesis statement for help me write a essay that explains how Thing 1 and Thing 2 are similar and dissimilar between each other in your comparison writing. 
Essay Topic Choice
Choosing a topic, you should find two related subjects that have some basic similarities. For example, you could choose to compare/contrast two books, movies, authors some idea like love, death in different poems or two wars in different periods. 
You should do deep brainstorming about each subject and then search for connections that show similarities and differences between each subject in your comparison essay writing.
Developing a Thesis
The thesis of your compare and contrast essay is very important. It can help you create a clear argument and give your reader a good understanding of points you are about to make. It's recommended to look at your list and ask yourself some important questions:
  • "Is there something interesting and essential in similarities and differences on my list?
  • "What have I discovered about Topic 1 and Topic 2 in my comparison/contrast essay"
Organizing the Essay
The introduction of your contrast essay should explain both essay subjects and end with a strong thesis statement. You can organize the body of your comparison/contrast essay subject-by-subject or point by point in compare and contrast writing.  
To follow subject by subject, you should give all supporting details for Topic 1 and then give all supporting details for Topic 2 in your paragraphs. Then you should analyze both subjects together. In conclusion there should be a generalization of your thesis in new words and you show how you've proven it.
To follow point-by-point structure you should discuss all comparisons and contrasts you have found in two topics in comparison to each other. In the first section there should be at least three similarity paragraphs. In the second section there should be also at least three difference (contrast) paragraphs you find in your comparison writing. In conclusion you should state everything you have proven in your comparison paper. Also you must restate your thesis in a new, more official and confident way.