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1. What do I have to do to access the platform TOOLS&SERVICES?

You can simply create an account by clicking on SIGN IN, at the top right corner, and follow the instructions in the welcome e-mail that you will receive in your mailbox. Once you complete the first access, fill in MY BUSINESS INFORMATION to introduce your company and then enter TOOL&SERVICE area.

2. Which services does the platform offer?

The platform offers a series of contents and services, completely free, and in order to use them it is necessary to be registered. There are three main areas:

  1. TOOLS&SERVICES where you can find events, materials and resources to enhance your professional skills, and to interact with experts from various fields
  2. COMPANY NETWORK where you can get in touch with other agricultural and agri-food realities
  3. CASE STUDIES where you can find out about innovative experiences coming from agricultural sector and much more.

3. How can I join App4Inno COMPANY NETWORK and the other SMEs, companies already enrolled?

Fill out "MY BUSINESS INFORMATION" to introduce your company to the App4Inno network: this is the most important step you have to take in order to make others aware about you and your activity!

4. Why do I have to fill out my PERSONAL PAGE?

In MY PERSONAL PAGE, visible on the grey toolbar, once logged-in in the platform, you will be able to introduce yourself to the other users, tell something about you and insert your contact information. 

5. What's the difference between MY PERSONAL PAGE and MY BUSINESS INFORMATION?

MY BUSINESS INFORMATION allows you to talk about your company and it's the dedicated tool to support a transnational network development of all the registered companies that come from other countries in the South East Europe. The PERSONAL PAGE is the area where you can introduce yourself, as people. For example, if you are a consultant, a researcher, this is the right place to talk about yourself.

6. I would really like to participate to a webinar...what do I have to do?

In the page WEBINAR, accessible from TOOLS&SERVICES, you can simply click on the LIVE ACCESS ON button, below the description of the webinar, to access the "virtual room". Once you enter, follow the instructions given by the speaker. Remember to connect the headphones to your PC, so that you can have a better audio quality.

7. I am on the WEBINAR page but I see a red button „REGISTER TO PARTICIPATE".

It simply means that you are not logged-in. If you are already registered on the platform, it will be enough to enter your access data to see the green LIVE ACCESS button ON. If you haven't registered yet, click on REGISTER TO PARTICIPATE and then on CREATE AN ACCOUNT.  You will only need a few minutes.

8. I wasn't able to take part to one of your webinars. Did I completely miss the opportunity to know what was going on?

Nothing to worry about! All webinars are recorded! You can replay them whenever you want by accessing the page WEBINAR and clicking on the video recording that you are looking for inside the PAST WEBINAR ARCHIVE. You will find all the information related to the event together with the green button PLAY.

9. How can I look for platform contents in my native language?

In the KNOWLEDGE SHARING page, accessible from TOOLS&SERVICES once you log-in, you will be able to filter the available materials by country and also by content typology. All materials are highlighted with a specific icon according to the Country of origin.

10. I'd like to find out all platform contents related to a specific field, how can I do that?

Follow the indications in FAQ nr. 9

11. What do I have to do in order to keep myself informed about what is going on in the platform?

The What's New in the home page are the highlights of the platform. Sign-up to the RSS (orange icon at the end of the news) to receive the updates directly in your mailbox.

12. How can I access the platform and its online contents in my native language?

It's very easy! „Google Translator" has been integrated in the platform (of course with all the limits of an automated translator). In order to use it, you simply need to pick a language, at the top left corner: all texts will be visualized, automatically, in the chosen language.

13. I'd like to get in touch with experts and with App4Inno partners. Can I e-mail them?

The PROFESSIONAL COMMUNITY forum is available for you. It is organized around content categories. You can also use it to write to the project partner in your country. If you need a hand to find out how to use the forum, WATCH THE TUTORIAL.

14. The FAQ did not help you find a solution to your problems?

You can directly contact the HELP SERVICE by e-mail or by chat (the green label on the left)