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My review for Mega Moolah slot online

The first view at Mega Moolah casino slot

Why is this slot game so popular?

Mega Moolah is so popular among players because it is a fairly straightforward slot machine and because you can win great prizes with it. The jackpots in this game are exciting to play. You then have a chance to win a cash prize, which can also differ in height. That is what makes this slot machine so attractive.

How does Mega Moolah work?

The base game is nothing special. You go on safari on this multi-million dollar hunt. In the base game, lions, elephants, giraffes, and zebras provide payouts. Most animals yield very little, with the exception of the lion. This lion yields a combination of five to a maximum of € 3,000 per payline. The other symbols yield less. Much less.

Mega Moolah: four different jackpots

On Mega Moolah you have a chance to win four different jackpots.

The biggest is called the Mega Jackpot. This amounts to at least €1 million.

Then there are:

  1. Major Jackpot: on average around €30,000
  2. Minor Jackpot: usually around €150
  3. Mini Jackpot: usually about €10
  4. From every wager you make on Mega Moolah, a small percentage goes to these four jackpots, increasing the amounts until someone wins the jackpot.

In all online casinos that offer Mega Moolah, you play for the same jackpots. So all players, worldwide, little by little fill the four pots. As a result, they ran very fast.

Free spins bonus

It gets a bit more interesting if you manage to collect three scattered symbols. That gives you 15 free spins. The scatter symbol is a kind of doll with a purple head and red hair. You play the 15 free spins with a multiplier of 3. All winnings that you make are therefore multiplied by 3.

Five lions therefore yield 45,000 credits instead of 15,000 credits. Per number of coins per payline. So, if you play with 5 coins, you will win 225,000 credits. That's a nice € 11,250. The other symbols are still not very interesting, with a 3x multiplier.

How do you win the Mega Moolah Jackpot?

To win the jackpot, you must first win the Jackpot Bonus game. This is randomly activated and can therefore fall on any spin. You will be taken to the Jackpot Wheel, which has areas on it with the 4 progressive jackpots. Spin the wheel and when the wheel stops on the Mega Jackpot, you are an instant millionaire. Good to know is that Microgaming will pay you for the Mega Jackpot itself, if you are lucky enough to win it.

It's all about that Mega Jackpot, of course. You will then win at least 1 million euros. However, the average Mega Jackpot winner at was allowed to add 4.4 million euros. Every now and then there are outliers. In 2015, a British ex-soldier won 17.88 million euros. Also worth noting: in 2016, a Mega Moolah jackpot of more than 10 million euros fell four times. In 2017, a Belgian player won 7.7 million euros at Unibet.

Mega Moolah first hit the market in 2006 and immediately won over players:

  • 4 progressive jackpots to win
  • A top prize of at least 1 million Euros
  • 25 paylines, wilds and a free spins bonus
  • A very reasonable betting range from €0.25 to €6.25

Final Consideration

Mega Moolah is a slot without much fuss. The base game is nothing special. And that's not the point. The jackpot wheel can randomly appear at any time. That still makes this game super exciting.