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Soccer Proposition Bets

Proposition bets are much different than your typical money line and over/under type bets. For one, proposition bets are not necessarily just placed on the outcome of a game, a proposition bet could be almost anything. You can make proposition bets on things like who is going to score the first goal, who will get a yellow card first, and a whole range of other intriguing bets. Proposition bets are useful for an experienced soccer fan who knows the ins and outs of at least oen of the teams on the pitch to bet on la liga.

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You need to be at least a little bit knowledgeable regarding the teams that are playing in the match, otherwise you will probably end up making a silly bet, like betting on a defender to score the first goal. If you’re not familiar with the teams involved in a bet you’re considering, try a reference site like or consider making a bet involving clubs you’re more familiar with.

Proposition betting is very non-traditional and adds a bunch of new elements to the scope of betting that was not really reached by regular bets.

Live Soccer Prop Bets

Since a lot of sites, like Bodog and Bet365, are offering live, in-game soccer betting, there are even more options when it comes to proposition betting. It works the same basic way no matter what. Of course if you bet on Kaka to score a goal, and he has already scored one in the game, the odds will change considerably and the money you win can vary greatly from what it would have been if you bet on him before he scored his first goal. This is the same with just about everything. And of course as the game progresses, the odds are continuously changing as well. Live proposition bets just make them that much more versatile and easy to use.

Proposition bets, especially while the game is going on, are usually for more experienced bettors and fans who know what is going on out on the field. If a person tries to start making prop bets on two teams he has never even heard of, chances are he is not going to fare very well simply because, how are you supposed to bet on the likeliest next scorer, when you do not even know who the team’s potential scorers are. You have to remember, prop bets are very versatile.

The type of prop bets that you are able to make change with each and every site. While one site may let you bet on the first player to receive a yellow card, another site may have something completely different in their betting options. There is no right and wrong, better or worse proposition. Whatever bet you the bettor feel most comfortable with is the bet to go with, always stick with your gut feeling.



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