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Italy facing the 2014-2020 CAP Reform/L’Italia di fronte alla riforma della PAC 2014-2020

  Veneto Agricoltura recently published a handbook depicting the new Common Agricultural Policy and how it will be implemented. This    publication is the 16th issues of the Veneto Europe Direct book series that can be consulted on the website http://www.venetoagricoltura.org/news_item.php?IDSX=24&IDDX=29

 Veneto Agricoltura ha recentemente pubblicato un manuale che illustra la nuova Politica Agricola Comune e le modalità con le quali sarà applicata. Si tratta del Quaderno n. 16 della collana di Europe Direct Veneto i cui numeri precedenti possono essere consultati al sito http://www.venetoagricoltura.org/news_item.php?IDSX=24&IDDX=29

 See more: Quaderno 16 (pdf)

The "freshest" tools in Knowledge sharing section

Dear members,

we mark the most recent tools loaded in "knowledge sharing": the first, "Hootsuite" is a useful social media dashboard to manage and monitor your social network, and the second, Rock the post, is a social networking platform for entrepreneurs to fund and swap resources. Discover more on http://network.app4inno.eu/knowledge-sharing.

Learn more on http://network.app4inno.eu/knowledge-sharing

Increasing Competitiveness Through Innovation

Dear members,

we point out three documents just uploaded in Knowledge Sharing,  by Veneto Agriculture.
In particular, we note the presentation of a survey on innovation in agriculture, with a focus of innovation on global economy and Tendencies and behaviour patterns of farm businesses

Here's the LINK

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