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Arable Crops Report/ Bollettino Colture Erbacee

 Veneto Agricoltura, in collaboration with the Environmental Protection Agency and the Plant Protection Service of the Veneto Region, started a service for arable   crops management providing information such as: sowing period and early risks effecting initial growth, herbicide applications, warnings about possible damage by pests and plant diseases, need for treatment and proper time for interventions, evaluation of mycotoxins effects on crops. Users can get free information sent to them via sms providing their mobile number by email bollettino.erbacee@venetoagricoltura.org or by telephone 049/8293847. Previous report at: http://www.venetoagricoltura.org/news_item.php?IDSX=120&IDDX=60

Veneto Agricoltura, in collaborazione con Arpav e Servizio Fitosanitario Regionale, ha attivato un servizio di informazione sulle problematiche relative alle colture erbacee. Le informazioni‚ suddivise in base alle principali aree climatiche‚ riguarderanno nello specifico: periodo di semine con valutazione di eventuali rischi nelle prime fasi di sviluppo, informazioni agronomiche riferite all’andamento stagionale incluse quelle sulla razionalizzazione degli interventi di diserbo, allertamento su eventuali attacchi di parassiti, necessità di trattamenti e momento utile per trattamenti soprachioma con effetti su produzione e qualità del prodotto (micotossine). Chi fosse interessato a ricevere i messaggi di allerta via SMS può registrarsi (a titolo gratuito) fornendo il proprio numero di cellulare inviando una email bollettino.erbacee@venetoagricoltura.org o chiamando il numero 0498293847. Per leggere i Bollettini finora pubblicati: http:www.venetoagricoltura.org/news_item.php?IDSX=120&IDDX=60


 Reaching the end of the project, it’s very important to evaluate the activities and actions that took place, their impact and their results to the beneficiaries companies. The current report is intended to carry out the independent evaluation of the results achieved by the project in terms of effectiveness of the services for the support of the competitiveness of agricultural SMEs, provided within the transnational App4Inno platform and tested through the pilot actions.

If you are registered in Platform you can download the full report here

The "freshest" tools in Knowledge sharing section

Dear members,

we mark the most recent tools loaded in "knowledge sharing": the first, "Hootsuite" is a useful social media dashboard to manage and monitor your social network, and the second, Rock the post, is a social networking platform for entrepreneurs to fund and swap resources. Discover more on http://network.app4inno.eu/knowledge-sharing.

Learn more on http://network.app4inno.eu/knowledge-sharing

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