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160 companies in the network

 Dear members,

 We are pleased to inform  that we have reached 160 companies  in our network! This is one more opportunity for exchange   and advice for all of you!
 Visit the page  Company Network and get in touch with your collegues

Winning companies in the Pilot area

Dear members,

we began publishing the winning projects and their company, in the form of illustrated cards with brief description, in http://network.app4inno.eu/web/guest/pilotarea .
You can already see a full list, which will grow in the coming days.

Enjoy the vision!

active enterprises in company network section

Dear members,

we really hope you all had great summer break! We want to signal that some enterprises still were active during holidays smiley!

Look at the section "company network" (http://network.app4inno.eu/network): two new companies join our community! Two  Romanian micro industries specialized in Agriculture hunting and forestry.

In particular, one of them is specialized in herbal medicine and natural products, the other in equipment for agriculture and hydro-seeding. If you want to know more about their activity and get in contact with them, have a look on their company profile.

In case you have not yet completed your profile, you can take the opportunity to add some information about yourselves in “My Business information” in the section "company network".

See you soon!

COMPETITION OF IDEAS: 2 months for presenting your innovative idea and win free-of-charge expert support

It’s time of summer holidays but App4Inno project doesn’t stop its activity! The next months would be very engaging and for all SMEs of agro-food sector: regional Term of Reference for participating to the “Competition of Ideas” are going to be presented and launched in all country!

Micro, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) operating in the agro-food sector and/or  consortia with research centres and universities, association, business support centres or other SMEs belonging to different economic sector can take part to the competition.

Winning companies will have the opportunity to be awarded by free-of-charge technical support, provided by experts, in the development of their innovative project.

Let’s have a look on  COMPETITION OF IDEAS  page for download the application package relative to the country on which your company/consortia is located.

Innovation? Discover how agri-food companies in Europe have interpreted it!

This is the first new about App4Inno platform life and we want to dedicate it to signal the database accessible in  CASE STUDY  page collecting innovative case studies coming from South East Europe countries.

If you are looking for an inspiration or suggestion on how to renovate your activity or your products or, simply, for comparing your processes with similar companies in different contexts explore the list of case studies and feel free to signal your work as best practice to be added to the database! You are welcomeJ

Contact support-metid@polimi.it or write a message directly to your national contact in the  PROFESSIONAL COMMUNITY

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